Former vendors in the offices of Silveroint Vacations SL on Tneriffa, Alex and Ali Farhoud have swithed from vendors of malicious vacations Products to become Consultants in legal matters. Previously they have been Selling timeshare, memeberships and Company participations but now they are offering legal assitance on how to get out ot these scams, compeletely with out any legal background. They presume to have known nothing about Silverpoints intentions they claim according to people that has been contacting us at Timeshare News.


Farhoud mentions he is very sorry to his old clients and know he wants to make al good, as long as a fat fee is payed, and fast.

He represents Nordic Consulting and with out any legal background he sells legal advice. Neat. Old customers are informed that silverpoint is about to go bankrupt and old clients has to act fast. Transfer the legal fee and all will be taken care of he promises.

It doesnt work that way in law industry. Law firms does not stress clients to buy legal services.

Here is a e-mail correspondence from Nordic Consulting to some old clients.


Hello XXX

Thank you for getting back, we have gotter important information from the Court this week.. Silverpoint will sson present a bankruptcy application in Tenereffa during the month of june. When they do so you can no longer apply for compensation. The question you need to ask yourself is how can you ask for compensation whe they are in bankruptcy?

If you want to get more details about the legal procedure get back to me. You have very good possibility to get back all your Money in doble.

Best regards,


The Nordic Consulting Canary Islands S.L
Tel: +46 73 76 700 17
C/ Barraquillo Nr 2, Edf Reveron, Reveron Galeria Alto
38650 Los Cristianos Arona, Sant Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


You can read more about these conartists here


Dont know what to do next? We can advice!

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